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Why staying connected is so vital to happiness

I was listening to ABC radio conversations this week on my way to give a happiness presentation to the staff at Cancer Council Queensland (CCQ). It was so ironic because ABC journalist Sarah Kanowski was chatting to Hugh Mackay a social researcher. The topic of conversation was how the state of the nation begins in […]

Happy Rock – Quilt

Happy Rocks – Elephant and Beetle

Happy Rock – Cat

Happy Rock – Mermaid and Hot Air Balloon

Happy Rocks – Birds and Beetles

How to get on with people who are not like you! – 90 minute presentation

Happy Rock – Bear

Happy Rock – Surfs Up

Where the wild things are

The phrase ‘Where the wild things are’ popped into my mind this morning as I walked along a path unknown. I giggled to myself because I am so not wild and I rarely go anywhere adventurous. ‘Where the wild things are’ is a wonderful children’s book that I read to my boys over and over […]