Raw salted caramel slice

  I would have to rate this raw salted caramel slice as one of my absolute favourites. It has replaced my raw cacao brownies as the new kid on the block! I made this slice about two weeks ago and I still have heaps of it left in my freezer. I cut the slice into […]

Dipping into Dips

                        I have to say that dipping into dips is one of my favourite past times and when Michelle Nielsen sent me these two recipes my taste buds went into over-drive. In fact I would go as far to say that dips and savouries […]

Guilt free chocolate tarts

Raw food desserts are great way to satisfy your sweet tooth whilst still eating healthy. These guilt free chocolate tarts are from a great foodie blog called Whole Hearted Eats. I thought they looked way to good to be true but I was wrong.  The look lived up to the taste – absolutely delicious. So […]

Coconutty Maca-Macaroons

These Coconutty Maca-Macaroons from Michelle Nielsen Nutrition are another wonderful tasty snack that you can eat feeling totally guilt free. I popped them in the freezer so they kept for longer and just got one out each day to take to work for my morning tea – yum! Just a quick note, I didn’t have […]

Raw Carrot Cake

I must admit I was sceptical, how could a raw carrot cake that didn’t have any butter, sugar or flour in it taste good. Well let me tell you, this recipe was AWESOME!  Thanks to Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior for giving me the motivation to try it and also the recipe. I am now […]

Raw cacao brownies

Oh my goodness, this recipe for raw cacao brownies is the best thing since sliced bread.  A wonderful guilt free treat made from all natural, raw ingredients, based on a recipe from Chef Dominique Rizzo with a little bit of tweaking from dietitian Rachel Latimore. My tip is to cut it into little squares because it […]

Fruit Loaf

This is a wonderful snack for morning or afternoon tea. Another great recipe from the Golden Door.           Ingredients 6 dried apricots 250ml (1 cup) orange juice 400g mixed dried fruit (try sultanas, currants or raisins) 1 tsp mixed spice 1 tsp ground cinnamon 260g (1 cup) cold mashed pumpkin 200g […]

Berry Supershake

Shakes are great if you need to get your nutrition on the go but make sure you don’t drink and then eat a full meal as well! This recipe is another awesome one from Precision Nutrition’s cookbook Gourmet Nutrition.         Ingredients 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1⁄2 cup ice
 1 cup frozen […]