For more happiness be hopeful

Have you ever wanted to feel hopeful but were too scared to incase you were let down. I used to think like that, until one day a girlfriend at work put a whole new spin on being hopeful. Nic had been for a job interview and was waiting patiently for the outcome. One week later […]

Headspace needed urgently!

Have you ever wanted to take off your head so you could give yourself some space to breathe and just be? To be without the unrelenting chatter and thoughts that clutter up your mind and threaten to send you around the twist. It’s called creating headspace. My head is always filled with ‘stuff’ which I know […]

When calorie counting works

I never thought I would see the day when I was officially classed as overweight, but it’s here! I weigh 8kg more that I did two years ago and my waist circumference is 83cm. A healthy waist circumference is 80cm for a female. Anything over that is an indicator that the level of internal fat […]

My healthy eating philosophy!

Have you ever wanted to lose some body fat but just didn’t know where to start or who to turn to for some sensible, gimmick free advice? Then please press play below and have a listen to my philosophy on this hotly debated topic. Hopefully you will come away feeling less confused and have a clear […]