Why counting down sleeps is so important

Counting down sleeps

Sometimes I am sure I get more happiness out of counting down sleeps to something, rather than experiencing the actual event itself!

Have you ever felt that way, or am I just a bit weird?

My son Daniel is getting married in Cancun on 26 April. Attendance requires seven days at an amazing beach resort by the Caribbean Sea. Yes I know, it’s a bit hard to take! My husband Paul and I have been counting down sleeps to this special event ever since 1 January. It has kept us focused and goal orientated for four months (that beach body requires a whole lot of effort) and now the time has finally arrived to board that plane.

Happiness is counting down sleeps to something you enjoy

Looking forward to this event and counting down sleeps to a holiday has provided me with such a wonderful source of happiness. Every time I thought about it, I got a little happy dance in my tummy. If I was getting frustrated at work, grumpy about cutting back on desserts, exhausted from increasing my exercise or feeling overwhelmed with commitments, I would just think about Cancun and automatically I would feel better.

Think back to the last time you were really looking forward to something and see if you can recapture that feeling. Were you aware of how much happiness it brought you. Being aware of this feeling and milking it to the max will increase you happiness twofold. Don’t just wait for the actual event, but tap into the anticipation and languish in the positive feelings it evokes.

No surprises for me thank you

I always say to Paul that he is not allowed to surprise me with anything (apart from gifts) because I don’t want to be robbed of the weeks of happiness I could feel, leading up to the surprise. If he does want to surprise me he has to do it at least four weeks in advance!

So what are you counting down sleeps to?

It doesn’t have to be an overseas trip; it can be a weekend away, a camping trip, a movie date or simply a day off work. If you can’t think of something, you need to start planning. Counting down sleeps to a joyful event or activity is a valuable deposit into your happiness account. The more you do this, the more happiness you create.

Be happy colour the world.



  1. JAPAN !!!!!

  2. I had never heard this expression “counting down sleeps” until just this year and now I realize maybe it’s a British term – it was my friend who used to live in England who used it. It sounds so precious and playful and makes me happy just hearing it. What a fabulous way of remembering that life is good and we have so much to be grateful for as we daily remind ourselves of something very special in our lives. Thanks for the advice, Claire.

    • That’s amazing that you haven’t heard that expression before Carole. Maybe it is a British term, it has always been a part of my vocabulary so I didn’t think twice about using it. As a child I was always counting down the sleeps to Christmas, Easter or my birthday. It was such an exciting thing to do and I realised that as an adult I forgot to do that. I was too busy concentrating on all the stuff that goes on in between those special times. Not any more though! It is such a playful and happy term isn’t it. Thanks for your comment, I always love hearing from you.

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