The Courage of Kylie

Courage of Kylie

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing a wonderful friend of mine called Kylie.

Kylie has transformed her life by shedding 66kg and adopting a mind set that is tuned into health and happiness.

When I asked Kylie if she would like to share her story she was excited to do so.

Like me she believes that happiness is a choice and the more people that we can get this message out to, then the more happy people we will have in this world.

The video is 20 minutes long so grab a cuppa, sit somewhere quietly and enjoy the conversation.

The courage of Kylie is bound to inspire you.

You can connect with Kylie on Facebook by clicking here or you can visit Kylie’s website

Have a wonderful week and start transforming your life with health and happiness.

Be happy, colour the world.




  1. Great interview and very inspiring, Claire. Glad I kept this in my inbox to watch later. Having just lost 12 pounds myself over the past 3 months and living that euphoria of more energy, more self confidence, and realizing I have a lot of control over my health, I can really relate to everything Kylie says here. We must take responsibility for own bodies and do the work to keep ourselves healthy.

    • Carole, so glad you watched it and found it inspiring. Well done for losing 12 pounds, I know how hard it is to do that. Usually it requires tweaking of your current eating habits (not a massive overhaul) and as such a lot of discipline to implement it. It’s amazing how those little treats and added extras add on a few extra pounds. I am living with a bit extra at the moment! But I know that taking the responsibility and doing the hard work is so worth it. Thanks heaps for taking the time to comment, it’s great to know that the video has been watched.

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