Happiness lessons from an orchid plant

orchid plant

I know I blogged about my orchid plant last year but I just have to do it again. This little plant continues to intrigue me!

To fill you in on the picture, last November I wrote a blog called ‘Never Give Up On Happiness’. The star of this particular blog was my orchid plant. I had neglected this plant for many months thinking it was dead. It had no flowers on its branches and it looked forlorn and baron. Then one day little buds started to appear on the branches and before I knew it, it was in full bloom.

It provided me with such happiness every day as I looked at it.

The flowers stayed in bloom for about three months and then in late January they started to wilt and eventually they all dropped off. Each day as another flower hit the ground I picked it up and silently thanked it for bringing me such joy.

Eight flowers became seven, then six, five, four, three, two and eventually there was just one lonely flower left on the plant. Each day I waited for the signs to see it wilting, but nothing happened.

Eight weeks has passed and this last little flower is still hanging in there, loving life.

orchid plant

Every morning it graces me with its beautiful presence and each morning I lovingly touch it and tell it how wonderful it is. I know some of you may be thinking “oh my gosh this lady so needs to get a life” but somewhere deep in my being I feel the need to thank Mother Nature for her extraordinary gifts.

This orchid plant continues to show me how to keep happiness at the forefront of my mind.

This one remaining flower is a wonderful reminder that there is always hope, if we are willing to hang in there. Some days we won’t have all of our flowers in bloom, but that’s ok, as long as we can find just one thing to be grateful for. It could be the gorgeous sunrise that stops you in your tracks on your morning walk, it could be a compliment from a person at work or it could simply be the fact that you have a warm comfortable bed to sleep in.


That one thing may lead to another thing and another. Before you know it your happiness account will be full of deposits and there will be days and months where all of your flowers will be in full bloom.

Be happy, colour the world.


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