How to make a green smoothie and set your day up for success

We are creatures of habit.

Despite saying that we are often bored of the same old stuff we do love to create habits and stick to them.

Some habits are really helpful and positive and some are not. 

Most of us have a morning routine that rarely changes – weekends are sometimes a bit different.

I have a great morning ritual that sets my day up for success and I would love to share it with you.

Hopefully it may inspire you enough to set up a morning ritual that will add a positive spin to your day.

Each day brings with it a brand new beginning and it is our responsibility to harness its potential and do what ever is in our power to get the most out of it.

Starting off by giving your mind and body the fuel that it needs is vital to capturing that potential.

A smoke and a coke will definitely not do it!

Click on the video above to learn more. 

Be happy, colour the world.



  1. Looks good – we are going to try it

    • That is great Jeanette. I am sure you will like it and you feel wonderful after drinking it. It is like you have just done something really nourishing for your body – which you have!

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