Happy Letter Blog

This page is here to keep you up to date with Project Happy Letter.

On the 23rd June 2014 I set myself the goal of hand writing a happy letter every day for a whole year to the people who have touched my life.

Sometimes it is a letter of a happy memory, sometimes a thank you letter, sometimes a conversational letter and sometimes I write a letter of inspiration. Whatever the case may be, I have found out that a hand written letter makes people smile.

So please enjoy this blog and read about how happy letters are spreading joy throughout the world.

Be happy, colour the world.


7 Powerful Lessons from 365 Handwritten Letters

On Monday 23rd June 2014 I sat down to write the first letter of a 365 day letter writing project called Project Happy Letter.  On Monday 22 June 2015 I posted happy letter 365 and completed an amazing year of letter writing. At the time I had no idea of the impact that handwritten letters could have […]

Best happiness tip EVER!

Last week my husband and I flew to Sydney Australia to attend a two-day conference called Happiness and its Causes. What a fabulous two days it was. As I stood in the auditorium with 1200 other people waiting for His Holiness The Dalai Lama to come out on stage, listening to Ben Lee’s song ‘We […]

Happy Letter on Radio 4BC

On Friday 17th April I had the pleasure of chatting to Shane Doherty from radio 4BC about Project Happy Letter. It was a great privilege to share the message of happiness and the positive difference that a happy letter can make to someone’s day. If you missed it live, here is a recording. Don’t forget, I […]

The power of a happy letter

Today I wrote my 90th memory of happiness and hand delivered it to my best friends daughter who had just turned 18. Family and close friends gathered together in a park to share love, laughter and fish and chips to celebrate this wonderful occasion. It was so refreshing to be a part of an 18th […]

Remembering Happy Times

There is so much joy to be had in remembering happy times. How often have you stopped and taken the time to talk about your childhood memories with your siblings? How many times have you stopped to remember the good times with your friends? I am sure you have experienced the joy of reminiscing about […]