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How to get involved in Project Happy Letter

Project Happy Letter

On Sunday 21 July 2015 I was joined by many family and friends who wrote their own happy letters and cast them out into the world. It was inspiring to see the ripple of happiness that was generated by these small acts of kindness.

Even though I have completed 365 days of letter writing, Project Happy Letter won’t end here. I still intend to hand write and post one letter every week and on the other days of the week I will write and deliver some random acts of letter kindness.

The small act of handwriting a letter and giving it to someone created so much joy that it would be a shame to put an end it. I believe the world needs more happiness and this is one way that I can share some of my happiness around.

If you would like to be involved in Project Happy Letter here are some ways that you can do it:

Send me the name and address of someone who you think may like a happy letter. When doing this please add some information about them so I can personalise the happy letter and make it applicable to their situation. Click here to action this.

Write your own happy letter to someone that you know.  Click here for some letter writing tips to help you write your happy letter.

Leave a random act of letter kindness somewhere in your community. Click here for some tips on how to do this.

Random letter kindness

Together we can all continue to send a ripple of happiness out into the universe. How cool would that be.

Be happy, colour the world.