Happiness lessons from an orchid plant

I know I blogged about my orchid plant last year but I just have to do it again. This little plant continues to intrigue me! To fill you in on the picture, last November I wrote a blog called ‘Never Give Up On Happiness’. The star of this particular blog was my orchid plant. I had […]

What does being happy really mean?

Being happy is such a subjective thing. What makes one person happy may not make another person happy. Even the word happy can mean so many things. Often I say I am happy. But if I drill down further it could mean any number of things, such as: I am feeling joyful because I have just […]

Why happiness touch points are so significant

As I was walking home from the shops the other day I passed a bus stop. There was a female bus driver standing outside on the pavement waiting for a connecting ferry to arrive. As I walked past I noticed she had a big grin on her face and I was compelled to stop and […]

Happy New Year or was it!

It’s that time of the year where everyone (including me) starts off a conversation or an email with “Happy New Year, I hope you had a great Christmas and are relaxed and ready to launch into 2017!” Or some version of that greeting. The short period of two weeks over the Christmas break always intrigues […]

Happiness Bank Bloopers

Christmas 2016 is almost upon us and for many people it can be an unhappy and stressful time. You may be feeling tired, fed up and worn out from a hectic and challenging year. You may be anxious about money and wondering how you can afford to buy gifts for everyone. You may have had […]

Are you safe to be honest with?

Are you safe to be honest with? This is a saying that has stuck in my head for many years. I heard it from an amazing professional speaker called Bruce Sullivan and it is something I try to put into practice as much as I can. Being safe to be honest with is all about […]

Never give up on happiness

In March this year I received an orchid plant as a gift for presenting at a conference. As I thanked the conference organiser for such a beautiful gift, two thoughts instantly popped into my mind. Firstly how the hell was I going to get this plant home on a bus! Secondly, how long would this plant […]

Have you ever been wired but tired?

Have you ever been wired but tired? I have been having trouble sleeping lately. I am so wired but tired and it is driving me crazy. All I want to do is sleep but I can’t seem to shut down my brain. My doctor suggested taking the sleeping tablet Stilnox for seven days to try […]

The 10 minute rule

The 10 minute rule is one that I obey every single day. This rule is one of the key things that gets me out of bed every morning. With out this rule I know I would be not be the happy healthy person I am today. To find out more about the 10 minute rule […]

Why you should revisit your childhood

Have you ever taken a moment to watch children in a playground? They run around with sheer delight, curiously exploring their environment. They hang from bars, climb on things, crawl through tunnels, swing through the air, slide, tumble, fall, balance and never stop to question if their bodies can do it. Sometimes it creates a […]