Stop whinging and be happy!

Last Tuesday in Brisbane Australia it rained. Not for the whole day just a bit of rain in the morning. I was amazed at how this bit of water falling from the sky impacted on my mood as soon as I woke up. The impact was so great that I decided to blog about it […]

Live louder and be happier

I love the song Live Louder by Nathaniel, not only does it have an upbeat tune but I love some of the lyrics too. “Let your soul, redesign a new kind of cool” “Don’t be careful, don’t think twice just let your heart speak its mind” To me living louder is all about accepting and […]

The most valuable currency in the world

Every week I watch videos, I read blogs, I visit web sites, I listen to ABC radio and I fill my mind with information that inspires and motivates me to do better, be better and live better. Quite often words will come out of my mouth or thoughts will pop into my head and I […]

Are you a Gunna or a Doer?

Have you ever fallen into the trap of saying that you are going to do something and you never get around to doing it? How often does this happen? If it happens often you could be called a Gunna, one of those people who’s always gunna do this and gunna do that but never quite gets […]

The visible power of love and gratitude

Have you ever wondered what love and gratitude would look like if you could see it? A Japanese researcher has claimed that he has seen the visible power of love and gratitude. I was so astounded by this information that I immediately wanted to find out more. Can love and gratitude REALLY transform things into visible […]

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Happiness

I have a gorgeous Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant that greets me every time I walk to my front door. I talk to it on most days and tell it how beautiful it is; yep most people I meet think that I’m crazy…   The real name of this plant is called Brunfeisia bonodora and […]

Life on Planet You!

Have you ever met someone who was so caught up in their own way of thinking that they had no idea there were other ways of thinking! I met a gentleman on Saturday who was just like this. I was managing an event with over 400 people in attendance and I had a gentleman who […]

Danger! Unhappiness on the horizon

Did you know that the slightest bit of fear can cause unhappiness? When you are fearful you are in the opposite state to love and love is the very essence of who we are. Fear can come from all sorts of sources and the volume can be on full blast or it can just be […]

The power of a happy letter

Today I wrote my 90th memory of happiness and hand delivered it to my best friends daughter who had just turned 18. Family and close friends gathered together in a park to share love, laughter and fish and chips to celebrate this wonderful occasion. It was so refreshing to be a part of an 18th […]

How to cope with life’s crappy moments!

Have you ever had one of those days or even weeks when nothing seemed to go right? I experienced one of those last week, where three things in the space of 24 hours went wrong, leaving me shaking my head in disbelief. I must admit though they were ‘1st world problems’ and in the big […]