Is there something holding you back from happiness?

Last week I spent four wonderful days at a retreat run by Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener. I went on this retreat because there was something holding me back from happiness and I needed to create some mental space to explore what it was. For four days I was cocooned from the world, surrounded by […]

Happiness in turbulent times

It’s been about three months since I last wrote a blog. Such a sad and unhappy three months with many withdrawals made from my happiness account. I have always said that you have to be realistic about happiness. You can’t expect to be upbeat and joyful all of the time. To live a rich deep […]

I AM a somebody

  I shared a post on Facebook the other week. It was written by a somebody called Richard Branson and it was about happiness. It started like this… You don’t know me but I hear you are going through a tough time, and I would like to help you. I want to be open and […]

Fear and the little black book

I was on my regular 5.30am walk last week when I came upon a little black book. On this particular morning I decided to stop at three park benches in New Farm park to do some push ups, dips and squats. This is not something I usually do. I had just cancelled my gym membership […]

Why counting down sleeps is so important

Sometimes I am sure I get more happiness out of counting down sleeps to something, rather than experiencing the actual event itself! Have you ever felt that way, or am I just a bit weird? My son Daniel is getting married in Cancun on 26 April. Attendance requires seven days at an amazing beach resort by […]

Stop chasing happiness!

I have been pondering this statement a lot lately “stop chasing happiness.” What does chasing happiness actually mean? The mental picture I get in my mind is a person looking frantic and harassed running around everyday trying to find happiness, but never hitting the jackpot. If I asked you were you chasing happiness what would […]

Happiness lessons from an orchid plant

I know I blogged about my orchid plant last year but I just have to do it again. This little plant continues to intrigue me! To fill you in on the picture, last November I wrote a blog called ‘Never Give Up On Happiness’. The star of this particular blog was my orchid plant. I had […]

What does being happy really mean?

Being happy is such a subjective thing. What makes one person happy may not make another person happy. Even the word happy can mean so many things. Often I say I am happy. But if I drill down further it could mean any number of things, such as: I am feeling joyful because I have just […]

Why happiness touch points are so significant

As I was walking home from the shops the other day I passed a bus stop. There was a female bus driver standing outside on the pavement waiting for a connecting ferry to arrive. As I walked past I noticed she had a big grin on her face and I was compelled to stop and […]

Happy New Year or was it!

It’s that time of the year where everyone (including me) starts off a conversation or an email with “Happy New Year, I hope you had a great Christmas and are relaxed and ready to launch into 2017!” Or some version of that greeting. The short period of two weeks over the Christmas break always intrigues […]