My top 12 learnings for 2017


For my final blog of the year I thought I would share with you my top 12 learnings for 2017.

I love learning new things and constantly say to myself  “The day I stop learning is the day I stop living.”  Love of learning appears in my top five strengths and also my top five values, so it’s no wonder that the mantra appeals so strongly to me.

Keeping your mind open to learning new things and sharing these with others is a great deposit into your happiness account.

So these are the learnings 2017 dished up to me!

1.Trust your intuition ALWAYS!

When that little voice in your head says “hey you had better check what country that YouTube clip is from before playing it on the big screen at your conference” you need to take heed and act on it straight away. You don’t want the Canadian flag waving at your audience when they are honouring Australian soldiers on Remembrance Day!

2. Death of a loved one will touch you in ways you never thought possible

It was a gift to be with my Dad as he took his last breath surrounded by his family. But it was confronting to witness the passing of someone you love so dearly. It was a relief to know he would suffer no more but intense sadness to know I would never hear his Dad jokes again or kiss his bristly cheeks. So many emotions and the roller coaster will continue into 2018 where more learnings will take place I am sure!

3. The aged care system in Australia is a minefield!

I learnt much about resilience, never giving up and patience. If anyone wants to know anything about aged care in Australia, I’m your go to person.

4. Destination weddings are the BEST weddings EVER!

5. Losing weight successfully requires discipline

It also requires hard work, lots of mental space and a big dangly carrot like a wedding in Cancun.

6. You never stop being a mum to your kids no matter what age they are

When there is a call for help you do what ever it takes to be there. It kinda feels good to know you are still needed!

7. I DO want to be liked by everyone, that’s a fact

BUT is it possible to be liked by everyone? Hell no! Am I ok with this? Let’s just say I am a work in progress.

8. Barnacles of age and random sprouting hairs should be embraced

If something is still growing on your body it means you are alive and kicking and that’s a bloody great bonus!

9. I am more like my mum than I ever thought – eek!

I am super fussy with my food, I take forever to choose the perfect gift and I can sometimes be very judgemental. But I also have a generous heart, a kind spirit and a desire to help other people.

10. The things I don’t like in other people are the things that I do

This one was a big eye opener for me. I’m not quite sure how to approach it yet but there will be some reflection over the holiday break. Plenty more learnings in 2018 around this one.

11. Think it, feel it and act on it if you want to make something happen

For two years I had been imagining holding a happiness seminar at a small hut in Teneriffe (the suburb where I live). Finally after attending a personal development retreat in Noosa I had the courage to act on it. In November I held my first public happiness seminar and it was awesome. Watch out 2018 there is no holding me back now.

12. If you want an instant hit of happiness stay connected to the people you love

There are many deposits I put into my happiness account on a regular basis. Achievement, gratitude, helping others, and doing things that bring me joy. But the most consistent, reliable and immediate source of joy for me comes from hanging out with people who I love. These people come from many different sources. From family, best friends, work colleagues, my Happiness Bank FB community and friends of friends. To all of you I say thank you for always adding colour to my world and for making me want to be a better person.

If you have any top learnings for 2017, even just one, I would love to hear about it. Post it in the comments below and let’s cruise on into 2018 wiser, happier and more insightful than we were this year.

Be happy, colour the world.



  1. Having turned 60 in 2017 and celebrating by conducting a 3-day self care women’s retreat that culminated with a party for myself, my big lesson last year was about loving oneself. Let go of the fear of being judged as vain, and show the world how important it is to care for yourself, treat yourself with respect, and celebrate who you are (even when we make mistakes). Happy new year, Claire, and may 2018 bring us all more love, acceptance and of course, happiness.

  2. Insightful as always my bestie and such an open window into your hear and soul. A beautiful summary of your year xxx

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