Happiness in turbulent times

turbulent times

It’s been about three months since I last wrote a blog. Such a sad and unhappy three months with many withdrawals made from my happiness account. I have always said that you have to be realistic about happiness. You can’t expect to be upbeat and joyful all of the time. To live a rich deep and meaningful life you have to experience all that comes your way and that includes pain and suffering as well and peace and joy.

Through pain and loss comes strength and resilience

Dad died on Sunday 25 June. It’s been nearly three months since his passing. During that time my family and I have had to help my Mum move into a nursing home. To leave her home with all of its memories and to take only a handful of her treasures with her was heartbreaking to witness. Through pain and loss though comes strength and resilience and it’s only now that I can start to see the sun peaking through the grey clouds.

It’s so valuable to experience first hand the depths of unhappiness. To feel my world literally shrinking so I can only see the merest pin prick of light. I often speak about how positive emotions literally expand the boundaries of your mind and how negative emotions close down your mind. I now know exactly how this feels.

For the past three months I have not been able to focus on anything apart from my Mum and the death of my Dad. There was so much to do operationally, whilst trying to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of grief. And to add to all of this my gorgeous pet Gary the Cockatiel, who often starred in my FB posts, decided he would accompany my Dad to the other side on the day of Dad’s funeral. So I not only lost my Dad, but a much loved pet as well.

Turbulent times

So it’s been a tough gig these past three months. Turbulent times and happiness don’t really go hand in hand. I have had very little space in my head to be creative, to help others or to find time to do the things that bring me joy. I have literally eaten my emotions (hello to an extra 5kg), slept, worked and looked after Mum.

I tried to find little moments to feel grateful for, to do something that I knew would bring me a little bit of joy amidst the sadness and to be kind to myself. I knew that in order to find happiness in this turbulent time I had to keep putting little deposits into my account so I could get up each day and be the best person I could be under the circumstances.

I am not back to my normal happy self yet but I am certainly starting to feel some space opening up in my mind. I know there will be many more days to come when the grey clouds hide the sun. I also know that this won’t last forever.

Keep making deposits no matter how small

There’s this great book called Happiness Bank, how to invest in your wellbeing and it’s calling to me. If I keep putting into practice the LAUGHTER Action Plan I know the sun will start to shine soon in much longer periods.

You should check it out, it’s a great way to bring the happiness back into your life especially in turbulent times.

It’s wonderful to be back, writing again. I have missed it and I have missed being in touch with my Happiness Bank community. I hope you are all well and have kept up with your happiness deposits. If there is one thing I know for sure, that’s to keep your happiness account topped up. You just never know when life is going to call on you to make some big withdrawals!

Be happy, colour the world.


PS I even had some space in my mind to do some happy dancing. You all know how I love a good dance in my lounge room.


  1. Welcome back Claire and so nice to read your blog! It made me cry and then I had a bit of a chuckle at your dancing…so very brave of you and such good moves!!! Lovely to have you back dear Claire and take care. Lucy xxx

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